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Types of Car Accidents Resulting In Compensation Payouts

A car or road accident involving personal injury usually occurs on the public highway, which includes pavements and footpaths.

The car need not be moving during the accident and it need not be in collision with another vehicle for it to constitute a car accident.

Car accidents can occur during lane departure, involving crashes, i.e. when a driver leaves the lane they are in and collides with another vehicle or roadside object. Car accidents can include head on collisions and incidents where cars are run off the road and incur a collision. Car accidents can occur at junctions including rear-end accidents and angled or side impact accidents and even when cars are parked. All types of car accidents can result in injury and if the injury is due to no fault of the victim personal injury compensation can be obtained. Injury compensation can be obtained for individuals and dependants.

Car accidents leading to personal injury compensation claims can also involve pedestrians and cyclists and even animals; and other types of vehicles; as well as a single car or multiple car collisions.

The compensation claim may be made against another driver, passenger or pedestrian. You may be a driver or passenger or a pedestrian making the claim.

In all situations if you feel you have a case for personal injury compensation you should speak to a suitably qualified car accident injury compensation specialist, who will advise you on making a claim.

Car Accident Injuries

Car Injuries Resulting in Compensation Claims

Car accident injuries affect various parts of the body. Head, neck and back injuries are among the most common but car accidents also frequently impact on internal organs and upper and lower limbs.

The following are some of the most common car accident injuries that lead to successful personal injury claims:

Neck injuries sustained from whiplash are very common. In fact, whiplash is one of the most common car injuries and often an extremely debilitating injury leading to many successful claims. Disc injuries, cuts, bruises, back injuries, scarring; as well as shock and mental distress, are just some of the personal injuries which can lead to successful compensation payouts if the accident occurred due to no fault of the victim.

Common car accident injury claims include:

  • Car Accident Back Injury
  • Lower Limb Injuries
  • Upper Limb Injuries
  • Facial Injuries From Collisions and Broken Glass
  • Car Injuries Affecting Internal Organs
  • Brain Injury Claims Following Car Accidents
  • Car Accident Whiplash Injury Claims

Car Accident Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash car accident claims usually follow a sudden collision which causes the sudden movement of the head. Whiplash can be caused even during low speed impact, although this is less common.

During whiplash your head is hurled violently backwards – hyperextension – and forward – hyperflexion – injuring the neck. It is an injury frequently associated with rear end impact car accidents. The injury is worse if the neck was turned to the side at the time of the car accident. Whiplash can also cause injury to joints, discs and ligaments, cervical muscles and nerves. Whiplash is often encountered along with concussions. The injury can also extend to shoulders and arms. Whiplash car accident injuries can be extremely serious leading to thousands of successful car accident claims.

If you have experienced a whiplash injury resulting from a car accident Aim could help you make a successful claim for compensation. We have a successful track record of concluding compensation claims for our clients who have suffered whiplash.

  • Whiplash leads to long-term disability in ten per cent of people injured in car accidents.
  • Nearly 25 per cent of whiplash injuries result in chronic pain and disability.
  • One in seven whiplash car accident victims will still have significant pain more than three years after their accident.

Whiplash can be diagnosed with a simple physical examination or using x-rays. X-rays will also be used to see if there are any fractures of the vertebrae and the extent to which the alignment of the neck has been altered.

After a whiplash injury your neck’s natural curve may be reversed, which unevenly distributes the weight of your head and may further misalign the vertebrae. This condition can lead to arthritic degeneration and recurring pain. Such cases will lead to successful compensation payouts if the accident was due to no fault of your own. As well as the distress and suffering involved the resulting car accident compensation payment will also take into account factors like loss of earnings, hospital treatments, travelling expenses to visit health practitioners, solicitors, etc.

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