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Your Employer Has A Duty Of Care

Construction sites are dangerous and construction work carries inherent risks of accidents and injuries. Construction is perilous work by its very nature, including working from heights, operating heavy machinery and dealing with heavy and cumbersome loads.

However, your employer has legal responsibilities to you as a construction worker – a duty of care – to ensure your safety is protected as far as is reasonably possible, including carrying out regular site risk assessments and providing you with up-to-date safety equipment, safety clothes and injury prevention advice.

If your employer is negligent with regards to your health and safety and you are injured or suffer some form of illness as a result – then you can make a construction accident claim and receive personal injury compensation.

Make A Construction Injury Claim?

Construction Injury Claims Advice

Construction accidents, construction injuries – how much are typical claims worth? An Aim Accident Management solicitor can answer all your questions related to your construction injury claim.

Factors such as loss of earnings, the severity of your suffering and any hospital or medical bills are taken into account when your compensation payment is agreed. Because construction injuries can be serious with an inability to work and construction workers depend on their fitness to do their work, you will require adequate compensation for such loss of earnings.

You could even be entitled to a No Win No Fee construction injury claim and receive 100 per cent compensation for your construction injury.

As long as your accident occurred in the last three years and a failure on behalf of your employer can be shown you can expect a compensation payment for your construction injury.

For more information, speak to an injury solicitor with extensive knowledge of this field of personal injury law or read on for more information about construction injury statistics and advice.

Construction Accident Statistics

Alarming Fatality and Injury Rates

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK with alarming death rates each year. Construction has the largest number of fatal injuries of the main industry groups in the UK however the rate of fatal injuries in construction over the past decade is starting to show a general downward trend.

Between – April 2009 and March 2010 – 41 construction workers suffered fatal injuries in the UK, a rate of two deaths per 100,000 workers, down slightly from 2.4 fatal injuries per 100,000 construction workers the previous year.

Of the 41 construction workers suffering fatal injury during this period 29 were employees and 12 were self employed construction workers. Four members of the public were also killed in accidents connected to construction sites and construction work.

Since 1999 the rate of reported major injuries to employees in the construction industry has fallen steadily. Despite this falling trend, the rate of major injury in construction is the highest of any main industry group.

In some cases construction injury claims have led to substantial compensation settlements.

Types Of Construction Injury

A high proportion of construction injuries are caused by falls from height or by objects falling and landing on construction workers. Moving machinery, vehicles and electrical shocks and burns are other construction injuries being reported annually in the UK.

Some of the types of construction injuries leading to successful personal injury accident claims include:

  • Cranes, Forklift Truck Accidents
  • Construction Accident Falls
  • Hazardous Material Claims
  • Construction Injuries Involving Moving Loads and Materials
  • Construction Injuries Resulting From Vehicle Collisions
  • Slips and Trips and Falls
  • Fatal Construction Accidents

Construction sites by their very nature involve potentially dangerous tools: scaffolding, off-the-ground structures, high buildings, heavy machinery and equipment, toxic materials and explosive chemicals, power tools including saws, hammers, nails and drills as well as excessive noise, dust and other potentially toxic emissions. Construction injuries can include being crushed by materials, vehicles and machinery, back injuries, gashes, cuts, breaks and fractures, being struck by falling objects, tool and equipment injuries – the list is endless.

Potentially serious construction accidents resulting in injury include:

  • Falling Object Accidents
  • Explosions and Fires
  • Welding Accidents
  • Flooring Hole Accidents
  • Bulldozer Accidents
  • Trench Collapse Injuries
  • Scaffolding, Ladder or Roofing Accidents
  • Electrical Shock Accidents
  • Boiler Accidents
  • Caulking Accidents
  • Compressor Accidents
  • Building and Structural Collapses

Many of these types of accidents can be avoided via effective training and injury prevention management, safety warning signs, the correct injury protection equipment and clothes. If you have suffered from any of the above accidents or any other construction injury why not speak to one of our construction accident claims solicitors?

Construction Injury – How Do I Claim?

Gather Evidence

Is your injury logged in your site injury book? Ensure you have created a paper trail in connection with your construction injury. Tell hospital staff how your injury was caused so a record is kept.

Injury details such as time, date, names and addresses of potential witnesses may be required too, as well as any expenses incurred by you.

Do not worry. An Aim solicitor can help you gather all the information you need to make a claim while providing you with professional, independent legal advice.

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