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If you have slipped, tripped or fallen on a UK road and suffered injuries you could be eligible for a personal injury compensation claim.

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Many personal injury claims are lodged each year resulting in compensation following accidents on UK roads involving pedestrians crossing the road.

Often these claims arise due to untreated or poorly maintained roads which have been allowed to fall into a dilapidated and damaged state.

Injuries can be serious including breaks and fractures, neck, head and back injuries. If you have suffered an injury and it was not your fault our road accident solicitors can help.

Our experienced road falls injury compensation solicitors have helped others gain compensation for their fall injuries and they can help you too.

They can also handle your claim on a No Win No Fee agreement, ensuring you do not have to pay a thing; and if your claim is settled you should receive 100 per cent of your compensation fee.

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Road Falls Compensation Advice

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How Does It Work?

If you have been injured on a public road and you feel it was down to no fault of your own you could make a personal injury compensation claim.

Highway authorities have a responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians using public highways, as far as is reasonably possible.

Public highways are roads, pavements and paths maintained for public use.

Local highways authorities have a statutory duty under the Highways Act 1980 to maintain the highways in their charge, such as footways, including allowing safe passage through snow and ice.

Some roads may be privately owned but for public use. In that case business owners or the relevant authority have a responsibility to ensure that they are maintained.

Types of Road Fall Claims

Examples of Pedestrian Accidents on Roads Leading To Compensation Claims

Sometimes road fall compensation claims are due to works that have been done on the road involving the digging of holes to replace pipes, etc; and then the road has not been adequately repaired and an accident has occurred.

Roads should be kept in good repair especially at crossings. Pot holes, raised and cracked road surfaces provide clear risks of falls and trips to pedestrians.

Many road fall accidents involve trenches and other roadworks that have not been clearly sectioned off or insufficient warnings have been given about the potential hazard. Authorities are obliged to provide barriers and signs. The lack of such signs in the event of an accident could be cause for a road fall compensation claim. Accident injuries also occur due to road works which have not been completed and then left unattended.

The clearing of snow and ice from roads in most situations is a responsibility of your council to ensure public safety is not endangered by slips, trips and falls.

Sometimes serious injuries can occur to pedestrians falling on roads due to ice and snow which has not been properly cleared.

Again, this is a failure in duty of care and if negligence can be shown then a personal injury claim could follow.

Road spillages including oil, stones and other materials that have ended on the road creating a hazard or a slippery surface are other dangers leading to accidents. Spillages leading to a fall could in turn lead to an injury claim. Although not necessarily the fault of the council, depending on who is responsible, a road fall compensation claim could be made in the event of an accident.

Pot holes, cracks and defects in roads lead also to many injuries each year resulting in fall compensation claims. Damaged or missing drain covers and similar road grids and covers are other potential causes of accidents. The council or the relevant utility responsible for a faulty or missing road cover causing an accident, could be liable for a compensation claim if they were aware of the problem but failed to resolve it in advance of an accident.

Aim are a specialist accident and injury compensation firm with vast experience making successful slip, trip and fall compensation claims on behalf of our clients.

Why not talk to one of our personal injury solicitors who can advise you on your next step? You could even be eligible for a No Win No Fee fall compensation claim, entitling you to keep 100 per cent of your injury compensation.