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Forklift Truck Accidents

Forklift Truck Accident Statistics

About ten people are killed each year in forklift truck accidents at work in the UK and thousands of workers are injured.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics highlight transport as the second biggest cause of work-related deaths, after falls from height. Every year, around 70 people are killed in transport-related accidents in the workplace and around eight of those involve forklift trucks, one of the most commonly cited causes of fatal work accidents. Of 2,249 reported accidents in one year, involving forklift trucks, 626 caused major injuries, including amputations and broken bones.

Forklift trucks account for approximately one quarter of all workplace transport major injuries to employees.

The main five vehicles involved in major workplace transport injuries include forklift trucks; and also HGVs, trailers, cycles and cars.

You Are Legally Protected

All employers have duties under the law to take reasonable care of the health and safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, including the use of potentially dangerous vehicles such as forklift trucks. The failure to do so can lead to prosecution and personal injury claims.

Regulation 17 of the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 states: “Every workplace shall be organised in such a way that pedestrians and vehicles can circulate in a safe manner.”

Types of Forklift Truck Accidents

The Main Factors Causing Forklift Truck Injuries

The main causes of forklift accidents have been identified by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
The main causes and contributing factors of forklift truck accidents leading to injury at work are:

  • Forklifts Tipping Over From Overloading Weight Limits
  • Employees or Pedestrians Being Hit by Forklifts
  • Personal Injuries Due To The Load Falling Off The Forklift
  • Injuries and Accidents Occurring When Forklifts Are Used To Elevate People
  • Forklift Accidents Caused by Forklifts Accidentally Being Driven Off Loading Docks
  • Accidents Due To Improper or Lack Of Forklift Truck Maintenance
  • Poor Workplace Design For The Forklift Truck’s Operation, Contributing To The Accident
  • Forklift Injuries Due To Loss of Forklift Control By The Operator
  • Accidents Due To Improper Use of Forklift

The main factors underlying forklift truck accidents at work have been identified as:

  • Lack of Proper Forklift Truck Training Leading To Improper Use
  • Poor Communication To Those Near The Forklift
  • Giving Rides on The Forklift Truck Leading To Injuries
  • General Messing About With The Forklift
  • Workers Rushing To Meet Deadlines, Causing Accidents

Will I Be Eligible For Compensation?

If you have suffered injury in a forklift truck accident why not get professional advice from a personal injury solicitor with expertise in this area of workplace compensation law. A personal injury solicitor will quickly be able to assess your eligibility for a claim for compensation.


  • If you have sustained an injury with a forklift truck due to a lack of training or due to improper health and safety practices in place you could be eligible for a compensation settlement.
  • As shown above most forklift truck accidents result from some form of negligence.
  • Even if your mistake contributed to your forklift truck accident injury your employer might still be negligent in some way and you could receive the compensation you deserve.

Why not speak to a forklift truck accident compensation solicitor today?