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If your employer has been negligent and failed to put adequate protections in place to protect you from an industrial accident or industrial disease, beyond what is legally acceptable, then you are entitled to seek legal advice and make a claim for your industrial injuries.

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Industrial Injuries Explained

How To Make A Claim For Industrial Injury Compensation

We can help you gain compensation for your industrial injury or industrial disease.

Our expert industrial injury solicitors are available today for a confidential, free, legal consultation on the nature of your industrial injury.

They have expertise in most industrial injury claims, including:

  • Asbestos Injury Claims
  • Asthma Personal Injury Claims
  • Industrial Deafness Clams
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Claims
  • Manual Handling Accident Claims
  • Industrial Dermatitis Claims
  • Industrial Emphysema Compensation Claims
  • Farmer’s Lung Claims
  • Industrial Lifting Claims
  • Machinery Accident Compensation Claims
  • Respiratory Disease Claims
  • HGV and Other Vehicle Accidents
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Claims
  • Forklift Truck Accident Claims
  • Crane Injury Compensation Claims
  • Stress Related Injury Claims
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) Claims
  • Industrial Deafness Injury Claims
  • Mercury Poisoning Compensation
  • Mesothelioma Claims
  • Silicosis Compensation Claims
  • Vibration White Finger Injury Claims

Employers have a duty of care to ensure a working environment where industrial injury risks and risks of industrial disease are kept to the minimum.

Speak to a legal advisor now or read on for more information about industrial injuries in the UK and the compensation claims process.

Industrial Compensation Claims By Sector

Agriculture, manufacturing, engineering and construction continue to be the most dangerous industries in the UK. The injuries that occur in these industries form the basis of the majority of industrial compensation claims.

Our extensive network of workplace industrial injury compensation solicitors can deal with all types of industrial injury claims, including compensation claims for industrial injuries and industrial diseases in the following sectors:

  • Air transport
  • Recycling and Waste Management Claims
  • Armed Forces Injury Claims
  • Catering, Cleaning Compensation Claims
  • Police, Fire and Rescue Services Compensation Claims

Other industries resulting in annual injury compensation claims include:

  • Quarry Injury Industrial  Claims
  • Railways Injury Claims
  • Textile Industry Industrial Compensation Claims
  • Food and Drink Manufacturing Claims
  • Paper Manufacturing and Printing Injury Claims
  • Road Haulage Compensation Claims
  • Tree Work and Parks Management
  • Warehouse Injury Compensation Claims

Our industrial injury compensation solicitors also deal with industrial injuries in the Gas and Oil industry, Haulage Industries, NHS and Private Health Care Sectors; as well as Mining Injury Claims, Motor Vehicle Worker Claims and Nuclear Industry Worker Compensation Claims.

Fatal Accident Statistics Compiled By Main Industry

2009/2010 statistics from Health and Safety Executive

The following list shows the numbers of fatal injuries for the twelve months 1/04/2009 to 31/03/2010 and includes members of the public.

The figures include employees and the self-employed combined.

Fatal Industrial Injuries 2009/2010

Agriculture – 45

Extractive & Utility Supply – 7

Manufacturing – 24

Construction – 45

Services – 423

All Industries – 544

The fatalities for services include railway incidents. The member of the public fatalities for services includes 381 fatalities of which 323 were deaths of members of the public in incidents on the railways, including suicides or trespass.

Statistics for fatal UK industrial injuries at work are:

  • 2008/09: 178
  • 2007/08: 233
  • 2006/07: 247
  • 2005/06: 217
  • 2004/05: 223

The figure for the number of workers fatally injured in 2009/10 is 151 and corresponds to a rate of fatal injury of 0.5 per 100 000 workers.

In the main industries it breaks down as the following:


In agriculture there were 38 fatal injuries in 2009/10, a rate of 8.2 deaths per 100 000 workers.


In construction there were 41 fatal injuries, with a rate of 2.0 deaths per 100 000 workers.


In manufacturing there were 24 fatal injuries, a rate of 0.9 deaths per 100 000 workers.


In the services sector there were 42 fatalities, a rate of 0.2 deaths per 100 000 workers.

Common Industrial Accidents Leading To Compensation

Common causes of industrial injury are poor ergonomics in the workplace, poor manual handling of heavy loads, misuse or failure of equipment, exposure to hazards such as fire or toxic substances such as asbestos, improper use of, or badly maintained vehicles such as forklift trucks, cranes and HGVs. Industrial accidents can also result from inadequate safety training and clothing, exposure to dangers such as electrical burns, electrical shocks and chemical burns; as well as explosions, toxic gases and liquids, falls from height and contact with moving machinery and power tools.

Exposure to extreme atmospheres and temperatures – severe cold and heat – a lack of oxygen, carbon monoxide poisoning, being caught between crushing objects, lack of air, contamination of water supplies, radiation, the collapse of structures – including buildings, walls, scaffolds and other loads – all these situations contribute to industrial accident injuries and claims in the UK.

If you suffered injury due to an industrial accident similar to the above or your health suffered and if you feel your injury or illness at work was not your fault you could claim personal injury compensation.

Injury Prevention/ Duty of Care

Health and safety legislation requires employers to carry out risk assessments and introduce safe working practices, safety training and protective equipment to ensure industrial accident dangers are kept to a minimum acceptable level.

Failure to promote safe working practices contributing to an industrial accident means negligence on the behalf of your employer and could result in a compensation claim.

If you have suffered an industrial accident or have become ill due to your job and feel your employer was negligent in some way, then why not seek recompense? By enlisting a leading personal injury lawyer specialising in industrial accident claims you could receive compensation for your injuries.