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Medical Negligence Legal Advice and Support

Medical negligence claims are complicated and that’s why it is crucial to speak to a personal injury lawyer with specialised expertise in this area of compensation law.

Also there are often strict time limits in place for medical negligence claims so you must act quickly and gain professional legal advice from a solicitor who is specialised in medical negligence claims.

We can introduce you to an experienced and expert medical negligence solicitor with thorough, detailed knowledge of your type of medical negligence injury.

It is a terrible thing to suffer illness or injury or to see a loved one suffer, due to medical negligence, but UK law ensures compensation is your legal right.

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Claiming Compensation For Your Medical Negligence Injury

Will I be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence compensation?

How much is my claim worth?

Will I be eligible for a No Win No Fee medical injury claim?

Speak to an experienced medical negligence injury solicitor today for answers to all your questions about the claims process for medical or hospital negligence.

A specialist medical negligence solicitor will take on your case, providing you with extensive support throughout the entire process of your medical negligence claim.

If you have suffered at the hands of private medical negligence or NHS medical negligence we can help you.

Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience of gaining compensation for victims of all types of medical and hospital negligence.

Your medical negligence solicitor will work vigorously to ensure you receive the proper compensation for your medical negligence injuries and you should also be able to progress your claim on a No Win No Fee agreement, ensuring you will not have to pay towards your medical negligence claim.

Medical Negligence No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee medical negligence claims or Conditional Fee Agreements, as they are also known, usually operate on the basis that the solicitor is paid nothing by the client if he or she loses the case. If you speak to a medical negligence solicitor they are obliged to advise you on all aspects of the claims process, and also explain any fee agreements in full including all the ins and outs of a medical negligence No Win No Fee claim. You should be entitled to 100 per cent of your compensation and should not have to pay a penny towards your claim.

I Pay Nothing?

No. If your medical negligence compensation claim case is unsuccessful then you walk away paying no fees to your solicitor or anyone else. In the event of your claim going through; all other costs incurred by the solicitor, like court costs or costs involving the compilation of reports are usually paid by the losing party, in any case.

Your solicitor will fully explain the nature of any agreement and its fees, including a No Win No Fee that you enter into.

Basically, a No Win No Fee agreement for your personal injury claim is a great, cost effective way of receiving professional representation and legal advice for your medical negligence compensation claim, helping you to receive the compensation you are entitled to and make amends for your personal injury.

Legal Support For Both You and Your Family

Dedicated Medical Negligence Solicitors

Every year tens of thousands of patients undergo medical treatment in the UK.

In the vast majority of cases health care in the UK is first-class and there are no problems; the NHS internationally regarded as a model for public health care.

However accidents do occur, and when they do they can be devastating. Accidents also occur with private medical services: with similar devastating results.

Medical Negligence Statistics

In 2010 Freedom of Information statistics revealed NHS medical negligence compensation paid out was £1.8 billion over the last 14 years, covering a range of medical negligence injuries, with birth injuries among the most serious claims.

604 patients received medical negligence compensation of £1 million or more via the Clinical Negligence Scheme for NHS Trusts.

Types of Medical Negligence Claims

If you, or a loved one, have suffered due to negligence it might be possible to make a medical negligence claim.

Our solicitors have experience of many areas of medical negligence claims.

Types of hospital and medical negligence compensation cases we are experienced in include:

  • Ophthalmology negligence claims
  • Obstetric medical negligence claims
  • NHS medical negligence claims
  • Private hospital negligence claims
  • Cerebral palsy claims
  • Anaesthetic negligence claims
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Psychiatric care claims
  • Inquest care claims
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Clinical negligence claims
  • Cancer misdiagnosis negligence claims
  • Surgical accident negligence claims
  • X-rays/scan failure claims
  • A & E negligence claims
  • Clinical trials claims
  • Inaccurate diagnosis negligence claims
  • Birth injury negligence claims
  • Bedsore negligence claims
  • Hospital infection claims
  • Gynaecology claims
  • Midwifery negligence claims
  • Hospital visit claims
  • MRSA medical negligence claims
  • Paramedic negligence claims

Our medical negligence solicitors are all experienced professionally accredited UK solicitors, working for some of the best practices in the UK. They will discuss all aspects of your medical negligence case with the up-most discretion and confidentially.

If something has gone wrong with your medical care and negligence can be proved – meaning the standard of care fell below the generally accepted reasonable standards of the medical profession, you could be entitled to substantial compensation based on factors like the level of suffering, loss of earnings, and what your medical and other expenses are likely to be.

We understand that speaking to a medical negligence solicitor about such a delicate matter can be extremely difficult but be reassured our medical negligence solicitors will be extremely sensitive to you and your needs.

We can help you through the claim process and help you achieve compensation for your medical negligence injuries or health problems.