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Pavement Falls Compensation

The Truth Of The Matter

Rising pavement compensation payouts reveal a simple truth: many pavements are not adequately maintained.

The basic truth of the matter with regards to the increasing numbers of pavement compensation claims in the UK for slips, trips and falls is that the maintenance of UK pavements has gotten worse and worse in recent years.

The simple truth being: that many council pavements are in a bad and dangerous state, leading to record numbers of claims for pavement compensation in the UK.

A Freedom of Information request in 2010 revealed that the average county or unitary authority paid out £830,00 to people who had tripped on loose paving stones or uneven pavements between 2004 and 2009.

Leeds alone paid £10.3 million to residents and Birmingham paid out £7.55 million pavement fall compensation over the same five year period.

That is a staggering figure. Hundreds of million are been paid out each year to UK residents who have had the misfortune to fall on badly maintained pavements. During that period, five figure compensation sums have routinely been awarded following pavement trips and falls.

Another fact is that the compensation is deserved for the injuries that have befallen people, due to no fault of their own, in the vast majority of cases, and that more and more people are aware of their legal rights in the UK in relation to pavement fall compensation claims. If you have been injured due to a pavement trip where there is a clear case of negligence in respect that the pavement has been badly maintained you could claim compensation for your injuries if it was not your fault.

Another hard fact is that many pavement accidents go unrecorded, like so many injuries and accidents. Another reality is that the elderly and vulnerable are often victims of pavement injuries.

The Pedestrians Association who monitor pavement injuries reports that you are ten times more likely to end up in hospital following a pavement fall than a Road Traffic Accident and in some cases the injuries that can occur are just as terrible as Road Traffic Accidents.

Unless local authorities take the maintenance of pavements more seriously the truth of the matter is that that an increasing number of injuries, with the devastating effect they can cause, including many fatalities each year – will occur. And as a result then more and more pavement fall compensation payouts can be expected in the coming years.

Types of Pavement Accidents

Common pavement injuries leading to compensation:

  • Broken Legs
  • Smashed Jaw
  • Brain Injuries
  • Broken or Knocked Out Teeth
  • Broken Arms
  • Broken Necks
  • Broken Noses
  • Gashes and Cuts
  • Ankle Sprains

Reasons for Pavement Accidents

The AA reported in 2010 a severe maintenance backlog that was causing pavements to fall further into disrepair. Pavements are widely reported as in a disastrous state in many parts of Britain. Many local councils often appear to be cash strapped when it comes to road and pavement maintenance.

Common paving problems:

  • Broken Slabs
  • Jutting Kerbs
  • Un-gritted Icy Pavements,
  • Pot Holed Pavements
  • Cracked Pavements
  • Wobbly Pavements
  • Uneven Pavement Surfaces
  • Obstacles On Pavements
  • Badly Repaired Pavements
  • Broken, Gravely Surfaces
  • Jutting Tree Roots

Other factors contributing to the large number of pavement fall compensation claims each year are some of the extreme weather conditions the UK has been experiencing.

During the freezing winter of 2009 pavements already in bad repair began cracking and more pot holes appeared. As a result of the extreme swings in temperatures in recent years poor pavements have got worse as more and more cracks and defects appear, leading to a surge in compensation claims for pavement injuries.

The AA also reported increasing dissatisfaction with council gritting and safety procedures which again was widely reported in the UK media.

Obviously, poor pavements combined with untreated ice and snow is a recipe for disaster.

What To Do?

You need to record as much relevant info about your pavement injury as possible:

  • Photography Evidence of Your Injury
  • Photos of The Dodgy Pavement
  • Contact Details of Witnesses
  • Seek Medical Attention and Ensure A Record Is Kept

It’s true that many councils are aware of the state of some of their pavements but struggle to maintain them as much as they would like on their existing resources. But the facts remain that if you do suffer an accident on a badly maintained pavement you could be entitled to make a pavement compensation claim as long as negligence can be shown.