Sports Injury Compensation Claims Advice

Sports injuries are common in both professional and amateur sports but if they are caused by someone else’s negligence then you could make a claim for personal injury compensation.

You can make a claim for personal injury compensation if you were injured as a sportsperson participating in a sporting event or if you were a spectator and you were injured on the touchline.

As long as you suffered your sports injury due to no fault of your own – and you can demonstrate that your sports injury was not your fault – then you could have a robust case for personal injury compensation.

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Sports Injury Claims

Sport Accident Compensation Service

Sport is enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. While cricket, football, rugby, golf, swimming and other sports attract enthusiasts of all levels of proficiency from amateur to professional, players are susceptible to injury often due to no fault of their own no matter what their standard.

Clearly many sports injuries are innocent accidents but also in many cases each year sports accidents could have been avoided if it were not for the negligence of others: violent team-mates and competitors, inadequate training or supervision, and badly maintained equipment and playing courts.

If you have suffered a sports injury due to the negligence of others you may find that a compensation settlement will go someway to making up for the distress your injury has caused you, covering for any medical expenses and loss of earnings as well as the pain and discomfort your injury may have caused.

Typical Sports Injury Claims

The following are some examples of scenarios leading to sport injury compensation claims:

  • Fights on the football pitch, violence between players, team-mates, competitors or players and spectators.
  • Bad or dangerous tackles on a football or rugby match.
  • Injuries caused by broken or badly maintained equipment: clubs, rackets, protective clothing, etc.
  • Match officials being attacked or injured by players.
  • Sports injuries caused when a coach or trainer advises someone to do something which results in injury.
  • An injury in a sporting arena due to some form of disaster or freak event.
  • Sports injury due to damaged or badly maintained sports surfaces.
  • Injuries to sports club staff.
  • Spectators or passers by hit by balls.
  • Sports pupils at a school suffering injuries during sports lessons or events due to negligent supervision.

Common Types Of Sports Injuries

Making A Sports Injury Claim

Sports injuries can be devastating: broken bones, neck, spine, leg and arm injuries, fractured skulls, eye sockets, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, brain injuries, ligament tears, muscle sprains and strains, tendon damage and dislocated joints are all potential injuries from sports.

If you have suffered a sports injury from a team sport like football or rugby or any other sport such as skiing, tennis, karate, boxing, hockey, weight lifting or any other team or individual sport a legal advisor can help you decide whether you have a case for personal injury compensation.

All sports are potentially dangerous and all sports injuries can lead to compensation as long as negligence can be proved.

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