Supermarket Fall Claims

Supermarket Compensation Claims Solicitors

Been injured due to a fall in a supermarket due to no fault of your own?

If you have suffered a fall in a supermarket and have been injured you may be able to claim compensation for your injury.

If you are a customer you can make a personal injury claim and could receive compensation from the supermarket’s Public Liability Insurance, a compulsory insurance for supermarkets which is required in the event of accident claims.

If you are an employee you could make a claim for compensation based on workplace healthy and safety laws.

Whatever the situation or the cause of your supermarket injury, Aim Accident Management specialises in compensation claims for fall, slip and trip accidents in supermarkets, shops and other public spaces. A solicitor with expertise in the area of supermarket falls, slips and trips claims and other types of supermarket accidents will be glad to help you.

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Examples of Supermarket Accidents

Most supermarkets are very well run businesses and take a great deal of care in ensuring customer and employer safety. They are also well aware of the potential damage to their business if they do not focus extensively on health and safety. However, accidents do still occur in supermarkets and often these result from clear cut negligence on behalf of the supermarket.

The following are just some of the accidents which could lead to a compensation claim if injury happens and negligence can be shown.

  • Accidents Colliding With Other Shoppers
  • Injuries Slipping on Wet or Messy Floors
  • Being Struck by Products Coming Off Displays
  • Accidents Slipping on Product Spills
  • Warning Signs Around Spillages Causing Injuries
  • Falls Onto Hot Food Grills
  • Tripping Up on Product Items
  • Supermarket Car Park Accidents
  • Being Struck By Trolleys
  • Injury Claims Due To Being Struck By Doors

One of the key reasons for supermarket accidents is messy floors leading to falls. The importance of floor clearing cannot be underestimated. The absence of, or inadequate floor cleaning is significant in causing slip and trip accidents, both to cleaning staff, other supermarket staff and customers. It supermarkets do not have an effective policy in place to keep floors clean and dry and an accident occurs they will be liable for a personal injury claim.

Compensation claims following a supermarket injury can be extremely damaging to a supermarket business, especially where the public is involved.

Some recent UK examples of supermarket compensation claims:

  • A female shopper left needing a wheelchair after slipping on spilled food in a supermarket was awarded £550,000 in compensation.
  • A supermarket worker was awarded £200,000 for injuries she suffered when she slipped on foodstuffs spilled by a customer.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Supermarket Compensation Claims?

PLI is taken out by all businesses including supermarkets that have members of the public or customers visiting their premises.

Public Liability Insurance can provide a personal injury compensation package to members of the public or customers visiting a property or location who suffer an accident.

Slips or trips resulting in accidents are among the most common types of situations resulting in PLI claims.

Remember, supermarket owners have a legal responsibility to make sure you are safe, as far as reasonably possible, while you are shopping with them.

If during your shopping trip you experience an injury due to the
negligence of the supermarket, you could have strong grounds for a personal injury compensation claim via the supermarket’s Public Liability Insurance.

What Can I Do To Help My Supermarket Claim?

Maintaining the following records of your injuries will help your claim.

Make sure your accident injury is recorded in the supermarket’s accident book.

1-   Speak to any witnesses and ask for contact details.

2-   Write to the supermarket manager explaining your injury.

3-   Take photos of your injury.

4-   Report your accident to your doctor or visit a hospital and seek treatment.

5-   Keep receipts of any expenses related to your injury, including health treatments and other costs.

6-   Keep any receipts of your supermarket purchases.

In any case, speak to an accident solicitor with experience in this field who will offer free, impartial advice and be able to give you quick feedback on the likelihood of achieving supermarket claims success.

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