Taxi Accident Claims

Taxi Accident Claims

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If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of a taxi accident you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

Our No Win No Fee claim agreements mean you will not have to pay anything to resolve your taxi accident compensation claim and you will receive 100 per cent of the compensation that is awarded.

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Reasons For Taxi Accident Claims

In most cases riding in a taxi or other forms of public transport like the train, bus or coach is perfectly safe however accidents do sometimes occur and if the accident is not your fault you could be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Taxi drivers are experienced drivers but often they are working long hours, including late shifts and early mornings. Driver fatigue can occur in some cases leading to accidents and injuries.

Typical Taxi Accidents Claims Scenarios

  • You are thrown from your seat and injured.
  • You are thrown forward and suffer whiplash.
  • You are involved in an accident collision with another vehicle and injured.

If you have been injured in an accident with a taxi we can offer the professional legal service you need to claim personal injury compensation and make amends for the accident.

If you experience an accident as a result of erratic driving on the behalf of a taxi driver, or indeed any other type of Road Traffic Accident involving private or public transport Aim Accident Management can help you achieve the personal injury compensation you deserve.

Taxi Accident Claims Explained

Taxi drivers and taxi companies have a duty of care to their passengers to make sure they are transported safely from A to B.

If you do make a successful claim from a black cab or a radio taxi the compensation will in most cases come from the driver’s or taxi firm’s insurance policy.

If the taxi accident occurs due to a collision with another vehicle the compensation should come from the insurance policy of the driver from the negligent other vehicle.

Aim Accident Management personal injury solicitors are experts in taxi driver accident, passenger injury and other types of accident injury compensation claims involving taxis.

We can provide you with specialist advice and assistance during your compensation and even handle your taxi accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis, ensuring you do not pay anything while your claim is underway.

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Taxi Accident Claims Service

How To Make A Taxi Accident Claim

As with all personal injury claims, in order to make a successful taxi accident claim you will need to prove someone else was at fault for the accident and that it has caused you personal injury.

Useful advice

  • Make a note of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  • Take photographs of your injury and the scene of the accident if appropriate.
  • Report the matter to the police if appropriate; i.e. if alleged negligent party flees the scene.
  • If you require hospital treatment ensure the medical staff are told the accident resulted from a taxi accident.
  • Report the matter to the taxi firm in writing, if appropriate.
  • Speak to a solicitor specialising in Road Traffic Accident claims promptly, ideally one with knowledge of taxi accidents.

A specialist road accident solicitor, with experience making successful claims for passengers and others injured in taxi accidents, can be made available to you to handle your claim.

Remember, by calling 0333 577 9000 – an advisor will be able to assist you and tell you whether you are entitled to claim compensation for your taxi accident injury.