Below are just a few of the comments & testimonials given by happy clients who have successfully claimed personal injury compensation by using AIM

“After an accident at work I called AIM and was met with a friendly sympathetic advisor, after a short conversation so they could gain more information I was placed with one of their solicitors. My personal injury claim was dealt with quickly & efficiently and I was so happy with the service I recommended AIM to a friend who they are currently helping”

Mr D Colley

“We were involved in a non-fault road traffic accident abroad, we were only 3rd party insurance and I thought we were going to have real hassle recouping our losses. AIM appointed a specialist compensation solicitor who is currently assisting with our claims for personal injury and vehicle repairs. I would have no worries recommending AIM to anyone”

Mr & Mrs Goddard

“My family and I were involved in quite a heavy bang when another vehicle crashed into ours. AIM dealt with the personal injury claims for all of us & as well as appointing compensation solicitors they also had an advisor visit us at home and assist us with all of the paperwork. AIM were a great help to us”

Miss Daley

“I am an elderly lady and I had a nasty fall outside of a shopping centre, I broke my arm and was bruised black and blue, my confidence took a real knock too. A very sympathetic personal injury advisor from AIM appointed a compensation solicitor for me and I was awarded over £16,000. I couldn’t thank them more for their assistance”

Mrs E Petts

“I was involved in a road traffic accident when a vehicle smashed into the rear of my car; I called AIM who appointed a specialist compensation solicitor for me. The personal injury claim was settled within 3 months! I couldn’t believe how quick it was.  A big thanks you to AIM for their help”

Mr Z Seeley

“I was driving along and a car drove into the side of my car, I had my young daughter with me and I was extremely shaken. I was relieved to have had someone from AIM come and visit me at home and deal with all of the paperwork. The advisor stayed in contact even after the compensation solicitor had been appointed to make sure we were ok and everything was running smoothly. I was extremely happy with the service”

Miss A M Docherty

“I had an accident at work and broke my leg. An advisor from AIM came to my house and took information. Once a compensation solicitor was appointed he came back to deal with my paperwork, he was a massive help to me. The personal injury claim was settled successfully”

Mr K Hall

“After a fall on broken pavement slabs near my home I broke both my arms. A personal injury advisor from Aim came and took a full report and took photos. I have since been paid out for my injuries and my loss of earnings have been paid also”

Mr J Parr

“I had a vehicle crash into mine with me and my children inside. I don’t speak very good English and I was very happy to have been appointed a compensation advisor from AIM, he dealt with everything for me. When I needed him he was always just a phone call away. The compensation solicitors instructed by AIM settled all of the claims within 6 months. I was very happy with the service”

Mrs S Muteri