Uninsured Driver Claims

Welcome to Aim Accident Management’s advice page for victims of Road Traffic Accidents at the hands of uninsured drivers.

On this page you will find information relating to Road Traffic Accident claims involving uninsured drivers, including information and advice on how to make a successful claim for compensation as a victim of a road accident caused by an uninsured driver.

You will also find advice about the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), the limited company established by law to help people seek compensation for accidents caused by uninsured drivers.

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Expert Legal Assistance For Motor Insurers Bureau Claims

Been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver?

Have you been hit by an uninsured driver or been the victim of a hit and run accident?

If you have suffered injuries at the hands of an uninsured driver, we understand that the shock of finding out the other driver is not insured or cannot be traceable can be at best exasperating at worst distressing in the extreme.

Do not worry though. Help is at hand. If you have suffered a Road Traffic Accident injury due to no fault of your own, even if the driver of the other vehicle who caused the injury is uninsured, a compensation settlement can be reached.

With the help of the Motor Insurers Bureau Aim can handle your claim for compensation.

As an injury claims company, specialising in Road Traffic Accident claims rest assured your claim will be in safe hands. We have vast experience of settling successful compensation payouts for our clients who have been unfortunate enough – first of all to suffer injury because of the negligence of another driver – and then discover that the driver who caused the accident does not have insurance or is untraceable or flees the scene.

Contact us today. An advisor with experience of Motor Insurers Bureau claims will be able to handle all your questions about the claims process and inform you what the likelihood is of a successful compensation settlement for your injury. You could also be eligible for a No Win No Fee claim, ensuring you pay nothing during the handling of your claim.

Motor Insurers Bureau Claims

About The Motor Insurers Bureau

The Motor Insurers Bureau was established in 1946 as a central fund to provide injury compensation for the victims of road accidents by negligent, uninsured and untraced drivers.

All insurers underwriting compulsory motor insurance are obliged by law – the Road Traffic Act 1988 – to be members of the MIB and contribute funding.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is funded by all UK motor insurers. Motor insurers are only allowed to operate if they belong to the MIB and pay a share of its costs.

It operates under two separate agreements between the Government and the motor insurers:

The Uninsured Drivers Agreement

This requires the Motor Insurers Bureau to meet unsatisfied Civil Court Judgments against identified motorists who may not have been insured, as required by the Road Traffic Act 1988.
The Untraced Drivers Agreement
The Untraced Drivers Agreement requires the bureau to consider applications for compensation from victims of hit and run accidents.

If you need an experienced RTA solicitor to handle your claim against an uninsured driver via the MIB, or just looking for some legal advice on how the system works, why not contact Aim? We are always happy to help.

Uninsured Drivers – The Statistics

As well as being a criminal act, driving without insurance is irresponsible in the extreme. By law, compulsory insurance is required to safeguard other road users and pedestrians in the event of an accident as well as the driver of the vehicle who causes the accident. Drivers who are on the road without insurance is widespread though: especially among young drivers.

Research from the Motor Insurers Bureau shows:

  • Three in four drivers are currently looking for ways to reduce their motor insurance costs.
  • One in ten 18-34 year old drivers are unaware that car insurance is a legal requirement.
  • About 900,000 drivers under the age of 30 are currently driving without insurance.
  • 60 per cent of drivers think they are likely to be caught but only seven per cent are aware of all the possible consequences when they are caught.

How To Claim Compensation Against Uninsured Drivers

In hit and run accidents or if you are hit by a stolen vehicle or an uninsured one your compensation claim can still be met via the Motor Insurers Bureau although you may wish to enlist an experienced Road Traffic Accident solicitor to deal with your claim against the uninsured driver.

Advice For Drivers Involved In Accidents With Uninsured Drivers

  • Write down the other party’s details – name, address, telephone number and vehicle registration number, if possible.
  • Speak to the police. Report the details of the accident so a record is on file. Make a note of any reference number.
  • Take down contact details of any witnesses.
  • Make notes of other relevant parties or information.
  • Contact your own insurers, if appropriate.

A Road Traffic Accident claim involves an accident leading to personal injury occurring on the public highways, including pavements, in which a road vehicle is involved. If in doubt about the nature of your claim contact a solicitor.

Aim Accident Management Compensation Claims Services

We have a high success rate of delivering Road Traffic Accident compensation for victims of uninsured drivers.

Speak to a legal specialist in the field of uninsured driver claims today to find out if you are eligible for compensation and discover what level of compensation you might receive for your personal injury.

At Aim your claim will be handled by solicitors highly experienced in road accident claims, so you can rest assured that your claim will be in good hands.

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